Saturday, 12 February 2011

Recruits Sought to join Home Office's top 'Clean Team'

The Team's latest recruit, Jackie Andrew, with other members (Photo: Middlewich Guardian)

An army of volunteers who won a Home Office award for making a stand in the community is appealing for new recruits. Middlewich Clean Team is celebrating it's eighth year in the town and now has more than 100 members including Fiona Bruce, MP, but founder, Janet Chisholm, wants to encourage people who have recently moved to the area or not experienced the group, give it a try.

Volunteers meet twice a month on Saturday and Monday to pick litter, while others prefer to work on their own or with neighbours to look after their street."Some people just like to take pride in their own area," said Janet of Brooks Lane. "We feel that contributes highly to our success." But the Clean Team also keeps an eye on the town. They work with Cheshire East Council's Streetscape to report incidents like fly-tipping and have a partnership with the police as 'community crime fighters'. Six regular members also have St. John Ambulance First Aid training so they are prepared if they are first on the scene in an emergency.

Janet added:"Streetscape describes us as the eyes and ears of Middlewich. "This is a really positive group with the aim and desire to have a clean and tidy town - we feel we are winning the battle. "Friendships have grown over the years. It's very sociable. "One member has just had an operation and every day, he's walking and litter picking. So he's gaining two things - pride and the health benefits. We're always looking for new members and it doesn't have to take a lot of time - five minutes twice a week to keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy."

The group has already inspired new clean teams in Sandbach and Warrington, and volunteers will be speaking to Winsford Town Council in April. Janet Even met a man who wanted to set up a clean team in France. "If anyone wants to set up a clean team, we're happy to help." she said.

Volunteers also visit nurseries in Middlewich and regularly talk to the schools. Janet added: "It's nice to speak to people we've seen grow through the years into responsible citizens.
For information on how to join, call Janet on 836263 or visit our home page.
Article reproduced by kind permission of the Middlewich Guardian.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Middlewich High School Makes a Difference

Due to complaints from local residents living close to Beech Street in Middlewich concerning anti social behaviour & littering around Tesco Car Park, Middlewich High School decided to ‘make a difference’.
Middlewich High School are linked as a Community Partner to the Middlewich Clean Team and we have close links with the school. So this group of Youngsters along with the Headmaster Mr Martin Forster, Miss Capps and Mrs Guildford gave up part of their lunch break to pick litter after complaints from local residents. Twenty minutes later the area looked respectable again. 

The Clean Team appreciate that this does not necessarily mean that the problem will go away, but we feel that this is a positive step from the High School who I feel have reacted to public opinion in a very positive way.