Saturday, 13 December 2014

Last 2014 Litter Pick

The last litter pick of 2014 took place on
          Saturday 13th December when we met at the Town Bridge car park.
Photo: Fiona Bruce
The last litter pick of 2014 took place on Saturday 13th December when we met at the Town Bridge car park.
The weather was perfect for a walk around our town. Thirteen members joined us including Fiona Bruce MP and her husband. Fiona has been a member of Middlewich Clean Team for many years and it is always delightful to welcome her when her busy schedule allows. The Boars Head kindly provided tea, coffee and biscuits for us afterwards. So one hour amounted to thirteen man hours were worked on Saturday and we feel this kind of effort is making a considerable difference to the overall tidiness of our town. Added to that we met up with friends, chatted and had fun.

We are always looking for new members who can commit to looking after their street or around their home. Middlewich Clean Team supply the necessary equipment. So if you have a little spare time why not give me a ring 01606836263 and join our very vibrant group, either on organised litter picks or just by looking after an area near to where you live. Our website is full of details concerning dates and other interesting information.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Bulbs Around The Library

Volunteers at the ready to start planting
Photo: Ian Jones
A great turnout for some team work to brighten up the springtime. 

Middlewich Clean Team purchased 1000 bulbs and on 26th October 2014, together with volunteers from the U3A, Cubs and Sea Cadets planted them in two locations each side of the library. One batch was planted between the library and Katy's Wall and the other on the grassed area opposite the library entrance.

Before they could get started the ground needed preparing and for the 2nd year in a row Steve Morris used a petrol earth auger to create planting holes for the bulbs. Even with the auger this was hard work and we are grateful to Steve for the excellent job he made of it. Once the ground was prepared the young and not quite so young cheerfully set to planting the bulbs; their enthusiasm seemed never ending and it was an enjoyable afternoon for all involved.

These two new beds of bright daffodils should make a fine display to welcome in the springtime and provide a beautiful scene for everyone that passes by.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Clean sweep for Middlewich Clean Team

MIDDLEWICH Clean Team set out on another litter pick to keep the town tidy with the help of Cledford Brownies. The Clean Team and the Brownies met up on Monday, 14th July and spent time litter picking around the canal side and St Michael and All Angels church yard. 

The Clean Team and the Brownies met up on
        Monday, 14th July and spent time litter picking around the canal side and St Michael and All Angels church yard.All 24 members of the brownies took part in the litter pick and were accompanied by five brownie leaders and five members of the clean team. Maxine Hemmings, Clean Team treasurer, said, "After the litter pick Janet asked the Brownies how they felt with regard to a clean and tidy environment and litter picking. They said it made them happy and made them smile, made them feel safe, and that it was fun."

Article reproduced by kind permission of Middlewich Guardian

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Middlewich Clean Team Receives Lottery Funding

Middlewich Clean Team has received a grant of £3,500 from the Big Lottery to buy new equipment, including computer and presentation equipment which will be used to help them to set up new litter picking groups throughout the Country.

Local volunteers event at the Wych Centre on 17th May when a rolling presentation was given using our new equipment.Vice-Chairman and Grants Officer Stephen Dent said, "We are frequently asked to give talks to other groups who are interested in setting up a clean team and we can now put on a very professional display using the latest digital technology. We have already used the equipment to show our work to residents of Winsford and to put on a display at the Middlewich local volunteers event at the Wych Centre when a rolling presentation was given."

In addition, the Team has purchased a high volume laser printer which is to be used, amongst other things, to produce publicity material. Raising awareness in this way is definitely working it has resulted in new recruits to the Clean Team. Chairperson, Janet Chisholm said, "It is our aim to set up clean teams all over the country. We have been successful in Cheshire East with litter groups being formed in all the major towns and a number of towns in Cheshire West and Chester and elsewhere in the Country are now beginning to follow suit."

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bins For Smokers

Photo courtesy of Middlewich Guardian
Approximately 5 tonnes of smoking-related litter: cigarette stubs, matchsticks and packets are discarded every day in the UK. Middlewich Clean Team has joined forces with Japan Tobacco International UK (JTI) a leading tobacco manufacturer, The Campaign to protect Rural England (CPRE) and Liz McGuinness of Middlewich Pubwatch in a bid to reduce cigarette litter in the town. As a result 34 cigarette stub bins have now been installed outside pubs and other businesses in Middlewich as part of a pilot study.

JTI has funded the wall-mounted bins which have been installed outside pubs following talks with Liz McGuiness, chair of the Pubwatch scheme. As part of Stop the Drop, the national anti-litter campaign. CPRE and JTI, who have centres in Cheshire, chose Middlewich to pilot the scheme.

Paul Williams, Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications at JTI UK, has said, “JTI and the Campaign to Protect Rural England understand the need to make it easier for existing adult smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly without impacting the surrounding environment. JTI is delighted to be working with our partners at CPRE to support the Middlewich Clean Team in its efforts to keep the beautiful town of Middlewich tidy!”

The success of the cigarette bins, which have been purchased from Bailey Streetscene, depends on smokers using them and official measurements will take place to track their use for 6 months after their placement. As Janet Chisholm, Middlewich Clean Team Chairperson has pointed out: “There’s no point putting stub out bins where there’s no footfall. We wanted the bins installed where people congregate which is why they are outside pubs. We believe it is vital that all members of our community are aware the impact litter has on our environment. Cigarette butts are dirty and have no place in our ethos - which is to live in a clean and litter free town. If we can encourage cigarette smokers to use the bins provided that would be a step in the right direction.”

Samantha Harding, Stop the Drop Campaign Manager at the Campaign to Protect Rural England has commented, “In the fight against litter, providing more bins and encouraging people to use them is one of the great solutions. With JTI’s direct support, the Middlewich Clean Team can continue its mission to keep the town clean. Now there’s no excuse for the people of Middlewich to be dropping their cigarette butts!”

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Spring Clean On Wheelock Street

Could do with a clean up. Photo: Bernice Walmsley
On Saturday 3rd May, nine members of Middlewich Clean Team showed by their actions how in less than an hour they can make a difference when it comes to keeping our town clean and tidy.

An overgrown area at the side of former PACE Centre on Wheelock Street had become an eyesore right in the town centre that had been noticed by several members and they were determined to do something about it. So, armed with spades, rakes, loppers and brushes they worked hard and, as you can see from the before and after pictures, transformed the area.

Looks a lot better. Photo: Bernice Walmsley.
Middlewich Clean Team Chairperson, Janet Chisholm commented, “I just wanted to thank everyone who came along to help with the tidy up yesterday. The result is amazing. Nine of us tackled the untidy and unkempt area, including our Mayor, Bernice, who came in her official capacity. It was a wonderful sight seeing everyone lopping - cutting - sweeping and weeding with a common aim to make a difference in this area. It took us approximately forty minutes.” 

The team at work. Photo: Bernice Walmsley.

Our Mayor, Bernice Walmsley added, “The work done in less than an hour by the Clean Team has made a tremendous difference to this little area in the centre of our town. The hard-working members of the team were rewarded with a slice of Janet’s Lemon Drizzle cake.”

Volunteer's reward: Middlewich Clean Team Members enjoy Janet's lemon drizzle cake. Photo: Bernice Walmsley

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Visits to Nurseries and a Care Home too

Photo:Middlewich Guardian
Middlewich Clean Team visited nurseries and a residential care home to share their work with younger and older generations. Chairperson of the Clean Team, Janet Chisholm and committee member, Hilary Jones, made their annual visits to the town’s nurseries in March.The team talked to the children at Playbox Community Centre, Peter Pan, Rainbow Day Nursery, Early Learners Nursery and Tommy Thumbs.about the importance of putting litter bins and the role of Middlewich Clean Team.

As always, they talked to the children about the importance of putting litter in the bin, they let them try out the child-size litter pickers and then everyone sung our song about litter. The children were very attentive, so we hope that when they get older and are out and about they will remember the things they learned. Hilary reported, “Janet and I were really pleased to see how interested the children were in keeping their surroundings clean and tidy. They really enjoyed the role-play and the song at the end left them with a cheerful reminder of the occasion.”

Photo:Middlewich Guardian

This year the Clean Team members also visited Newton Court Care Home to spread the message about the Clean Team’s activities to some of the older members of our community. Janet Chisholm, said it was a very humbling afternoon and added , “It was a pleasure to meet the staff along with some of the community of Newton Court who showed such interest in the work of the Middlewich Clean Team. Middlewich Clean Team is all inclusive and so there is no age barrier. From the youngest to the oldest members of our community they are all important and can become involved. It has been a particularly worthwhile and rewarding time for the MCT with two very special groups at each end of the spectrum showing interest and enthusiasm for our work.”

One or two residents of the home have already been seen out and about picking litter, which proves that everyone, young or old, can do their bit to keep our town clean and tidy.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Helping To Make A Good Image

Photo: Ian Jones
A colourful and clean view of the canal from Townbridge must be an image of Middlewich that we would like to portray. Unfortunately up until last week canal users and pedestrians could also see these images from Townbridge too:

Photo: Middlewich Guardian
Photo: Maxine Wrench

Nothing like an untidy mess giving Middlewich such a poor image to get the Clean Team going!

There was a problem though; how to get to the patch of land which is between the canal and the River Croco?

Middlewich Narrowboats to the rescue!

Photo: Middlewich Guardian

Photo: Middlewich Guardian
After checking health and safety procedures the Middlewich Clean Team volunteers gratefully accepted the offer of a lift to the scene from Middlewich Narrowboats.

They easily disembarked and commenced work straight away.

Photo: Middlewich Guardian

Twenty minutes later and it was a good job done with the view for canal users and pedestrians alike very much improved. Importantly the image of Middlewich as a clean and tidy place to be was improved too.
Photo: Ian Jones