Wednesday, 10 June 2020

June Update

Hello to all our wonderful volunteers & supporters 😄

Well.........we are still living in strange times  - We hope you are all keeping 
fit, healthy and staying safe to protect yourself and others 💚 

Unfortunately all our group litter picking meetings 
are still on hold until further notice 😧

However, many of you are still going out there on your own or
with your family to keep the momentum of our litter picking going 😇

A BIG Thank You from us for that 💗

If anyone needs green bags please get in touch with us via
email, Facebook message
or try Middlewich post office on Wheelock St as they have a supply.

Most of our information, updates and news on litter picking 
and problems around the country can be seen on our Facebook 
and Twitter pages. If you can spread the word to aid us fight 
this evil human habit we would love your help!

Keep and eye on Facebook for our most up to date activity 🌈