Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Our next litter pick

Good morning All

Our next group litter pick will be on Saturday 22nd October and will meet at Morrisons Car Park at 2pm.

Please do try to come along – we will pick around the local area for just an hour and it is always a very friendly event.

Very best wishes



Janet Chisholm B.E.M.

Chair, Middlewich Clean Team

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Town Bridge Plant Containers

As you can see the containers at Town Bridge have been planted up thanks to Middlewich Clean Team. As usual Chris came along and assisted with planting the heathers and pansies.

I pushed the boat out and spent 6.99 each on the heathers from Minshulls, the pansies made the total cost £21.00.  I thought that Middlewich is worth it and we had the permission, so why not. I decided to spend £7.00 more than we agreed so that we were also able to plant Bernice's bench/planter with some of the pansies.

The work hasn't gone unnoticed. Hilary and Ian cycled past later on and Hilary commented, "The containers look lovely, the heather is a lovely colour". Polly was impressed too and said, "Well Done Chris and Janet! That's a lovely sight Thank you both".

It is always good to have encouraging feed back.

Many Thanks especially to Chris.


Friday, 7 October 2016

Litter pick on Monday

Hello everyone


Just a quick reminder that our next litter pick will be this Monday (10th October) – meet at 2pm at The Big Lock car park. Here’s hoping that this mild weather will continue so that we can litter pick in the sunshine.


Very best wishes



Janet Chisholm B.E.M.

Chair – Middlewich Clean Team


Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Little Gardening

Hello All

Middlewich Clean Team undertook some gardening work this morning at the Town Bridge Carpark following your being granted your permission. Six members plus some passing High School pupils spent an hour weeding and tidying the overgrown area. We were fortunate to have some shrubs donated by two of our members which has made tremendous difference as you can see from the attached photographs. One of our team is a qualified horticulture person and his help was invaluable. Apparently the area will need to have some more extra attention in approximately fourteen days time. This is to ensure that the new growth is removed quickly to keep on top of the problem.

We have left green waste for collection beside the bin on the carpark which is also included in the photographs. We had a coffee afterwards which was kindly provided by the White Bear.